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Me and My Society_EN_cover
Me and My Society
Me and My Society guides college students through their transition into societal roles, blending Eastern...
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Citizen of New Confucianism
By Xu Chengzhi ISBN: 9781487812201
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Éducation et Justice : Imagination philosophique de la justice en éducation (French Edition)
By Jin Shenghong ISBN: 9781487812157
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Homeland of Dreams: The Epic Journey of a Herd of Asian Elephants in China
The Writing Group of Homeland of Dreams ISBN: 9781487810146
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The Third Eyes on Science and Technology in China
Editor-in-Chief: David G. Evans ISBN: 9781487810344
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Luzhou Laojiao: Chinese Baijiu in Comics
By Li Bin and Yang Jianhui ISBN: 9781487810399
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Renaissance: Rebuilding Chinese Civilization
By Zheng Yongnian ISBN: 9781487811266
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On Cultural Confidence
By Shen Zhuanghai ISBN: 9781487811488
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Sanxingdui and Chengdu: The Birth of a Myth
By Lin Ganqiu ISBN: 9781487811471
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