Homeland of Dreams: The Epic Journey of a Herd of Asian Elephants in China

The Writing Group of Homeland of Dreams

Cloth • 236 pp • 170 × 240 mm • English
US$25.95 • C$34.95
ISBN: 9781487810146

“The elephants were going to attend the COP15 conference in Kunming as delegates of all animals!” In March 2020, a family of wild Asian elephants bid farewell to their original habitat in a nature reserve in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. No one knew where they were going or why, but photos of their adorable sleeping positions and the real-time locations on the way attracted global attention. After roaming around for 17 months in Yunnan, they finally returned to their habitat, safe and sound.

Homeland of Dreams: The Epic Journey of a Herd of Asian Elephants in China, written by those who “chased” the elephants and collected authentic research materials on the frontlines, tells the fascinating and heartwarming stories along the journey, shares the tips from the Yunnan people on elephant protection, and shows the efforts of China to protect biodiversity and build an ecological civilization. With detailed descriptions and spectacular photos, this book will inform and inspire the whole world to learn from the wonderful Chinese story of how to build a shared future for all life on Earth.

About the Author
The writing group of this book is mainly composed of journalists and writers who have long paid attention to China’s ecological environment. During the northbound migration process of the Asian elephants in Yunnan, they either “chased” the elephants and collected authentic materials on the frontline or wrote the press to support these “model elephants” in the rear. They presented to the readers a large number of news reports directly from the Yunnan rainforest with fresh soil and dew. Based on rich and real material, they compiled and published a series of books including Travel Notes of Wild Elephants in Yunnan, Cute Elephants Love Yunnan, and Travel Notes of the Short Trunks.