Me and My Society_EN_cover

Me and My Society

Edited by Zhang Huiyuan

Cloth • 300 pages • 156 × 234 mm • English
May 2024 • US$29.95 • CA$39.95
ISBN: 9781487812454

About the Book

Me and My Society is an enlightening journey for college students transitioning into societal roles. This book not only prompts deep reflection on their relationship with society but also steers them toward a clear life trajectory. This seminal work provides a step-by-step exploration of social norms, adaption, and the ethical dilemmas faced by the youth in today’s interconnected world. As a pioneering work that merges Eastern wisdom with modern societal needs, it serves as a roadmap for ethical behavior in a global context. The distinctive feature of this book lies in its close alignment with the actual growth experiences of college students. Embracing a problem-solving approach, it teaches both theory and practical application. Through nine insightful chapters, it covers crucial topics like an initial understanding of society, social roles, social norms, social responsibility, social psychology, social culture, social adaptation, practical experience, and serving society, offering tools and insights for a smooth transition from academic life to societal roles. More than a textbook, it is a beacon, illuminating the path for young adults as they seek to make a meaningful societal contribution and achieve fulfillment in their careers and lives.

About the Author

Zhang Huiyuan is the Chief Expert of the Think Tank for the Construction of a Fair and High-Quality Education System and Member of the Academic Committee. He currently serves as the Party Secretary and Professor at Taiyuan Normal University, Member of the 11th and 12th Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Vice President of the China Tao Xingzhi Research Association, Vice Chairman of the Third Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, and Young Academic Leader in Shanxi Provincial Universities.

Zhang has received numerous awards and honors, including the Provin­cial Teaching Achievement Award (Special Prize), First Prize in the Hundred Pieces (Papers) Project (Paper Category), and the First Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences Research in Higher Education. He has served as the chief editor of a series of books on career navigation for college students, including Me and My University, Me and My Career, Me and My Society, and Me and My Future, all published by East China Normal University Press. He has also published multiple papers in publications such as Guangming Daily and Shanxi Daily. Additionally, he has led numerous research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and provincial authorities.