Sanxingdui and Chengdu: The Birth of a Myth

By Lin Ganqiu

Cloth • 200 pp • 152 × 229 mm • English
US$24.95 • C$33.95
ISBN: 9781487811471

Discover the intriguing and grandeur side of Chengdu’s urban history through a compilation of myths, legends, and historical facts. From the ancient Shu Kingdom to the Tang and Song Dynasties, this book unveils the glorious past and legendary tales of one of China’s oldest cities. Lin Ganqiu offers a comprehensive account of Chengdu’s cultural heritage, including iconic landmarks like Sanxingdui and Dujiangyan Irrigation System. An essential resource for understanding Chengdu’s regional culture and a captivating addition to any travel collection.

About the Author
Mr. Lin Ganqiu, also known as Zhu Jianbo, is a writer associated with the Chengdu Literature Institute and a member of the Sichuan Writers Association. He has authored notable books including Animals in the Book of Poetry, Seven Days of National Studies, An Appreciation of Women’s Fiction, and Chengdu in Ancient Books, among others.