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9781487810337 copy
Future Forward: Looking at a Post-Pandemic World
By Kevin Chen ISBN: 9781487810337
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9781487811594 copy
The Rise of ChatGPT: An Insight intothe Next Era of AI
By Kevin Chen ISBN: 9781487811594
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Chinese Civil Society and Spontaneous Order: Native Tradition and Overseas Development
By Denggao Long and Wei Yi ISBN: 9781487811112
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Industrial Structure and Economic Growth: A Refutation of Clark’s Law
By Ruyu Zhao ISBN: 9781487809645
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9781487808372 copy
An Era of The Wise Man: The Expectation-led Marketing Principle
By Ruyu Zhao ISBN: 9781487808372
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9781487811303 copy
Leaping into the Future: China and Russia in the New World Tech-Economic Paradigm
By Sergei Glazyev ISBN: 9781487811969
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9781487811969 copy
RMB Internationalization & Product Innovation
By Guangping Zhang ISBN: 9781487811969
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9781487810795 copy
A History of the Reform and Opening Up of the People’s Republic of China (1978–2021)
By Qi Pengfei and Zhou Jiabin ISBN: 9781487810795
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Reading the Land, Writing Life: A Record of Li Boqian, A Pioneering Scientist of the 20th Century
By Zhao Fuhai ISBN: 9781487809263
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