A History of the Reform and Opening Up of the People’s Republic of China (1978–2021)

By Qi Pengfei and Zhou Jiabin

Cloth • 736 pp • 156 × 234 mm • English
US$79.95 • C$107.95
ISBN: 9781487810795

Spanning over 40 years, contemporary China’s reform and opening-up is the most vibrant chapter in the history of the Communist Party of China (founded 100 years ago) and the People’s Republic of China (over 70 years). Starting with the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee in 1978 to the 18th CPC in 2012, this period, dubbed the “China Story”, is marked by the CPC leading unprecedented transformative endeavors and creating remarkable achievements in socialism with Chinese characteristics.

About the Author
Qi Pengfei is a Professor and Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at Renmin University. A member of Beijing’s Political Consultative Conference, he specializes in Communist Party and contemporary Chinese history, and has significantly contributed to the development of essential history textbooks.