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Institutions judiciaires en Chine antique (French Edition)
Par Chen Guangzhong ISBN: 9781487811280
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Études de l’Ordre en Asie de l’Est et des Routes maritimes de la Soie à l’Époque des Song (French Edition)
Par Huang Chunyan Traduction par Wang Liyun ISBN: 9781487810900
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The Road to Space: The Record of China’s Aerospace Development
By Li Xuanqing & Liu Gang ISBN: 9781487804787
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In the Days of the Northwest Bureau
By Shi Jie & Si Zhihao ISBN: 9781487809621
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Ancient Swallows: Nanjing, the Legendary City of Literature
By Cheng Zhangcan ISBN: 9781487811297
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Sailing across the Seas: Fujian and the West
By Wu Weiwei Edited by Xie Bizhen ISBN: 9781487811259
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Echoes across the Sea: Fujian, Persia, and the Arab World
By Ding Yuling & Lin Han Edited by Xie Bizhen ISBN: 9781487811242
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From Sea Routes to Silk Roads: Fujian and the Ryukyu Kingdom
By Xie Chen & Lin Yanxi Edited by Xie Bizhen ISBN: 9781487811235
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By the Wind: Fujian and Northeast Asia
By Xu Bin & Zhang Jinhong Edited by Xie Bizhen ISBN: 9781487808853
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