Leaping into the Future: China and Russia in the New World Tech-Economic Paradigm

By Sergei Glazyev

Cloth • 352 pp • 156 × 234 mm • English
US$39.95 • C$53.95
ISBN: 9781487811303

In his latest book, Glazyev Sergey Yuriyevich, a renowned Russian economist, delves into the ongoing global economic shift driven by technological advancements. He examines China’s meteoric rise, attributing it to a new technological paradigm, and discusses Russia’s potential role in shaping a new world economic structure. The book also analyzes the interplay between the EAEU and China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative in establishing a novel global economic landscape, and scrutinizes the US’s role in global hybrid warfare.

About the Author
Glazyev Sergey Yuriyevich is an esteemed academician with over 400 publications, including notable works like “Economic Theory of Technological Development,” “The Economy of the Future,” and “The Last World War.” His extensive writing covers technological evolution, economics, politics, and societal impacts. He delves into global crises, technological advancements, and strategies for Russia’s progressive development.