San Francisco, May 15, 2015

Royal Collins is honored to introduce a major Chinese publishing company, China Southern Publishing & Media Co., Ltd (SPM) at Book Expo America (BEA) on the afternoon of Thursday, May 28, 2015 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. With China as Guest of Honor for BEA 2015, Royal Collins and SPM will use this unique opportunity to announce their ambitious plans to jointly publish and promote ten of China’s current leading and best-selling authors for the North American market.










As one of the largest publishing and media groups in China, SPM enjoys the advantage of the relatively high standard of living, ultra-modernity and international focus of its home in Guangdong (Canton) Province.  Under SPM there are eight publishing houses, twenty-one journals, and two newspapers. Their twenty-six subsidiaries also include a TV station, a printing company, a CD reproduction company and a trading company.  SPM publishes about 6000 titles per year, many of which focus on the province’s Cantonese culture and have garnered awards both within China and internationally.

Of the fifty million Chinese who live outside China, the majority trace their roots back to Guangdong (Canton), including the first emigrants to North America. Seven million of these “Overseas Chinese” live in the US and Canada, allowing SPM to utilize its Cantonese cultural background to special advantage in reaching North American Chinese who proudly identify with their ancestors’ homeland heritage.

Commenting on this rare opportunity at BEA, SPM Vice-President He Zumin said: “ SPM hopes to share our deep-rooted Chinese and Cantonese culture with Overseas Chinese all over North America and especially here in the largest publishing market in the world.  Overseas Chinese are an important part of American society. We hope to work closely with American publishers and distributors in creating the best products we can for this market.”

For this event at BEA, SPM and Royal Collins have chosen a selection of leading titles to present to over twenty-five invited US companies including Reed Elsevier, Ingram, Perseus, IPG, PA, ACS, PW and CBS. Among these leading titles are Red Sorghum, Today’s Landscape, I’ll Be Old Next Year, and The Real Me.

“ We are honored to partner with a leading Chinese publisher, SPM, in bringing these fine literary works to North America. It’s our pleasure at Royal Collins to hold this event and sign an agreement with SPM here at BEA,” commented Stephen Horowitz, Partner and Chief Editor at Royal Collins.  “ With China as a focus this year, it’s a great time to be promoting Chinese books for the US reader.  We plan to work closely with SPM and do our best in expanding the market for their books as they gain international acceptance and recognition of their literary quality.”

During BEA, SPM will also hold events to promote English editions of other titles such as Socialism in China (1919-1965), Outstanding Achievements in Social Science in Guangdong and The Sun Sisters Series by Mrs. Wu Meizhen. SPM hopes that these events will showcase them as a publishing company ready to step up and assume a leading role in the international publishing scene.


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