[box style=”info”]May 2015, Beijing, San Francisco and Vancouver[/box]

Royal Collins announced that the company had signed some strategic cooperation contracts with 10 Chinese publishers. According to these contracts, Royal Collins will publish a big series about Chinese culture in English then distribute through Royal Collins Global Network.

These Chinese publishers include the Publishing House of Electronic, Zhejiang United Publishing Group, Zhejiang People’s Publishing House, Zhejiang University Press, Anhui Publishing Group and Guangdong Publishing Group. Royal Collins will hold some events and do some promotion at the 2015BEA. 40 American publishers will attend the company’s event which will be held at 14:30 PM on Thursday May 28th at Javits Center, New York City.

“Right now, we will be hold one event with Guangdong at BEA, attend one opening ceremony and 3 events. Then, we will set up 20 appointments for our Chinese friends at BEA,” said Mr. Bob Song, President at Royal Collins Asia-Pacific Area.

China is the Global Market Forum Guest of Honor at the 2015BEA. In BEA’s history, it’s the first time to host China at its Global Market Forum in 2015. Chinese government will send a big delegation which includes 500 publishers to BEA. The rise of China is having a direct impact on American’s prosperity.

“From luxury tourism to Condo, investment to education, Chinese elites are changing North America’s economy. China’s dramatic rise is shaping America and Canada’s future. We need a better plan,” said Mr. Stephen Horowitz, Partner and the Chief Editor of Royal Collins.

North America has 7 million oversea Chinese immigrants, but it’s very difficult to find many books on China in any bookstores. Before Mr. Stephen joined Royal Collins, he has worked for China Books for some years. As a senior publisher in USA, Stephen knows how to sell Chinese books in North America. “We will launch 20 new titles at New Title Showcase Area. It’s an important project with Anhui People’s Publishing House,” said by Mr. Stephen Horowitz.

Compared to America and Canada, Chinese culture is very different. “If you don’t read Chinese books, how will you understand China? We will cooperate with Chinese publishers, and publish some of the best books on China to meet the needs and interests of the Western industry. Anyway, we want to tell you about what Americans needs to know China in the 21st century,” said by Mr. Bob Song.


[box style=”info”]Book list as follows:[/box]




The ABC of Sound Meters in Chinese Poetry

The ABC of Sound Meters in Chinese Poetry (English edition) caters for readers from non-Chinese speaking countries who would like to know and appreciate classic Chinese poetry. The book has two parts with each part having 15 rhythms. The author analyzes the sound system of every rhythm and lists characters regularly used sharing the same rhythm so that readers can find which rhythm and correspondence character must be used. When analyzing sampled sentences, the author marks their pronunciation with pinyin, translates their meanings in English, points out how they are antithetic according to rhythms, and briefly introduces the background stories behind these sentences.



Chinese Folklore Culture Series – Marriage
Chinese Folklore Culture Series – Funeral
Chinese Folklore Culture Series – Festival
Chinese Folklore Culture Series – Residence
Chinese Folklore Culture Series – Diet

With the main thread of introducing Chinese folk culture, this series covers traditional Chinese festivals, etiquette of marriage, traditions of funeral, Chinese cuisine and architecture, revealing the long-standing history and development path of Chinese culture. This book is published in both Chinese and English in order to attract more readers, introduces the marital etiquette in China and analyzes the ideology of Chinese people towards marriage.



Huizhou Merchants Ⅰ:Scope of Business
Huizhou Merchants Ⅱ:Development and Declination

Huizhou Merchants was one of the strongest business groups during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, had played an important role in improving the development of economy and education then. This book makes profound and brilliant expositions on the entire course of the origin, the development and the decline of Huizhou merchant ants, which also focuses on the environment of the rise, the several developing phrases, the main businesses, and the business mode of Hui merchants. Furthermore, the book reveals the process of capital accumulation of Hui merch and analyzes some representatives of Hui merchants carefully, and affords exception insights into the much debated subjects of the study of Huizhou merchants.



Patriarchal Clans in HuizhouⅠ: Clannish Pedigrees
Patriarchal Clans in HuizhouⅡ: Clannish Cultures

This book investigates the origin of Clans of Huizhou which formed in a specific geographical environment, and studies it as a mode of existence. The book analyzes the function and the features of Clans of Huizhou in history in detail, particularly analyzing the relationships between the clans and politics, economy and education in-depth. After fulfilling a plenty of first-hand surveys and collecting lots of original materials, the author put forward his own opinions before wrote this book.



Huizhou Seal CuttingⅠ: Origination and Characteristics
Huizhou Seal Cutting Ⅱ: Achievements and Influence

Huizhou seal cutting is one of the four great seal cuttings in China. This book clearly introduces the origin and the development of Huizhou seal cutting since the Sui and Tang Dynasties. From the aspects of content, scale and genre, it describes the situation and representatives of official seal cutting, home seal cutting and workshop seal cutting, reveals the characters of Huizhou seal cutting and its contributions to Chinese publishing industry in history.



Huizhou Woodblock Print Ⅰ:Development and Influence
Huizhou Woodblock Print Ⅱ:Techniques and Works

This book introduces the origin, the formation and the process of development of Huizhou woodblock print, and reveals the interplay between the development of Huizhou woodblock print arts and some important elements, like the specific geographic environment of Huizhou, the economy, the culture, and the social trends. It states the contributions of painters, publishers and printers.



Huizhou CraftsⅠ: Four Treasures of the Study
Huizhou Crafts Ⅱ: Three Sculptural Craftsmanship

Be known as the ocean of relics and the land of documentation, Huizhou has abundant folk arts and crafts. This book systematically represents the origin and the features of Hui arts and crafts, separately discusses the “scholar’s four jewels” (Ink Slab of She County, Hui Ink Stick, Hui Paper and Hui Writing Brush), Hui sculptures (Woodcarving, Stone carving, Brick carving, Ink stick module, Stele carving and Plaque producing), and other plentiful and various Hui arts and crafts. Furthermore, the author rationally thought about the historical status and the inheritance of Hui arts and crafts.



Huizhou ArchitectureⅠ: History and Development
Huizhou ArchitectureⅡ: Aestheticism and Appreciation

This book is a masterpiece of researches on the architectures of Huizhou. The book carries on detailed inspection and analysis to the history, the characters, the structure, and the image of cultural landscape of architecture of Huizhou, furthermore, has revealed how to appreciate of the art of architecture of Huizhou.



Huizhou Villages Ⅰ: Development and Dissemination
Huizhou Villages Ⅱ: Layout Characteristics

Referring to the dialectical relation between history and space, this book analyzes the origin, the process of development and the course of evolution of the villages in Huizhou, as well as the selection and creation of the dwelling environment of Huizhou villages. It also explains the religious law in Huizhou, the cultural environment in Huizhou and the features of Huizhou gardens, which were all reflected in the cultural landscape of Huizhou villages.



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