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He Zumin’s speech at BEA 2015:Let’s setup a culture railway between America and China

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!


Thank you for coming.  It’s truly a great honor to greet you today here at BEA. I am He Zumin, Vice President of SPM, in charge of international cooperation.  Our company is based in the city of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, which many of you may know by its English name of Canton. Today I wish to say something about cooperation in publishing between China and America.


Looking back through Sino-US history, we learn that the first Chinese group to emigrate to America 160 years ago was from Canton, Guangdong Province. These early Cantonese immigrants included a great number of hard-working laborers who helped build the Transcontinental Railroad and made other important contributions to their new homeland, America. Their Chinese American descendants have also contributed much to the US, their Cantonese roots an important component of their proud heritage as one of the largest groups among the seven million Overseas Chinese here in North America.  At SPM, we are very proud of this special historical Cantonese link to America and look forward to advancing cultural and publishing cooperation between our two countries.


As the leading publisher in China’s richest province, SPM enjoys distinct advantages for building on this goal of mutual cooperation.  Founded in December of 2009, we have grown quickly to now include 8 publishing companies and 26 subsidiaries that publish 2 daily newspapers and 21 journals. SPM also owns a TV station, a printing company, a CD reproduction company and a trading company. We plan to greatly expand our business buying and importing American books and can help American companies and authors grow their brand in China, sharing our mutual life’s hopes and experiences with American friends.


China is currently the biggest developing publishing market in the world. Today we would like to recommend some of our best titles and share helpful business secrets with you, our American friends. Our goal is friendly and fair cooperation with all of our American partners. As the two greatest countries in the world, there is much to share together. Just as some of my ancestors helped build the railroad that united the East and West of America 150 years ago, so too do I hope now that we can construct a cultural railway to link China and America. This can only aid in bridging better understanding on both our sides.


As Cantonese culture has a deep foundation here in North America, SPM wishes to utilize this long history in reaching out to our Overseas Chinese compatriots.  With the help of American publishers and distributors, we will promote Chinese culture in North America through products to meet the needs and interests of the American market. My belief is that we have a good number of excellent products fit for the American reader.  So, let’s work together to make this a win-win situation.


At SPM, we are fully dedicated to raising the standard and scale of our international cooperation over the coming years, establishing friendly long-term ties with publishers and publishing organizations around the world.  We are here today as part of that mission of friendship and cooperation.  Of course, we also extend a warm welcome for all of you to come visit us in Guangdong at your convenience!


Thank you again for coming!

He Zumin





[box style=”info”]About Southern Publishing & Media Co.Ltd.[/box]


Southern Publishing & Media Co., Ltd. (SPM) is founded in Dec. 2009, with Guangdong Provincial Publishing Group as its holding company. SPM is the biggest publishing corporation in South China, taking editing, publishing and distributing books, magazines, audio-video products, digital publication and e-journals as well as printing, packing, publication importing & exporting and copyright trading as its major business.


SPM has 8 publishing houses, including Guangdong People’s Publishing House, Guangdong Education Publishing House, Guangdong Science and Technology Press, Flower City Publishing House, New Century Publishing House, Guangdong Economy Publishing House, Guangdong Petrel Electronic & Audio-Visual Publishing House and Guangdong Language & Audio-Visual Publishing Company. They respectively have the following as their main fields of publication:  books of social science, education, science and technology, literature, children and business administration, and audio-visual & electronic publications of public education as well as language learning. SPM publishes about 6000 kinds of books, over 200 kinds of e-books and audio-video products per year.


SPM has owned 26 subsidiaries and 1 branch, including 2 newspapers and 21 kinds of journals. SPM also has a TV channel, a printing company, a compact disc reproduction company and a material trade company as well.


SPM is dedicated to elevating the standard and scale of international cooperation for years, and has successively established long-term friendly ties with publishers and publishing organizations in US, Canada, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. In the last seven years, SPM has licensed the copyright of more than 800 books to over 30 countries and regions.