March, 2015, New Delhi, Beijing and Montreal Chindia is a portmanteau word that refers to China and India together in general. The credit of coining the now popular term goes to the Indian Member of Parliament Jairam Ramesh. China and India are geographically proximate, both regarded as growing countries, and both among the fastest growing major economies in the world. Together, they contain over one-third of the world’s population (2.5 billion). They have been named as countries with the highest potential for growth in the next 50 years in a BRIC report. BRIC is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. rc15052606 rc15052607

The economic strengths of these two countries are widely considered complementary. China is perceived to be strong in manufacturing and infrastructure while India is perceived to be strong in services and information technology. China is stronger in hardware while India is stronger in software. China is stronger in physical markets while India is stronger in financial markets. The countries also share certain historical interactions – the spread of Buddhism from India to China and British-European trade on the Silk route are well-known examples.



“China is the guest of honor in the 2016 New Delhi World Book Fair. We welcome all Chinese publishers to New Delhi. India has 12,000 publishers, and I believe that we will have a good number of cooperation in the future,” said by Dr. M.A. Sikandar, Director at National Book Trust, India, when he met Mr. Bob Song at CEO Speak. 2016 NDWBF will be held on 9 to 17, January, 2016, before Chinese Spring Festival. To improve the business relationship of India and China publishing industry, Mr. Bob Song, President of Royal Collins Asia Pacific Area, has visited New Delhi and attended the 2015 New Delhi World Book Fair. With the help of Mr. Hersh Bhardwaj, President of Royal Collins India Company, Mr. Bob Song has also visited 40 Indian big publishers and distributors, interviewed by India media, made a speech at AABC, then received an Award of Excellence by Afro-Asian Book Council. “It’s the first time I’ve been to India and spent my Chinese New Year in New Delhi. Royal Collins is very honored to represent 70 Chinese publishers attending 2015 NDWBF. As the third biggest English publishing market in the world, I think the English edition of the Chinese publications will have a brilliant future in India market,” said Mr. Bob Song. “We will arrange to have some Indian publishers attend the Beijing International Book Fair in this August. Only 4 Indian publishers attended the 2014 BIBF last year, which proves we do not communicate enough. We need more understanding for each other,” said Mr. Hersh Bhardwaj.

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The Indian distributors of Royal Collins have contributed greatly to Royal Collins’ ambitious marketing plan in India. Some of the books about China will print more than 2500 copies and will be sold in India.

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Meanwhile, Royal Collins has also invited Mr. Mohan Klashi, the Director of NCBA, to visit China. “Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to set up a New Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century’s Marine Silk Road. Then, the Chinese government invited 64 countries to join BAR Plan. India is a very important link in BAR Plan. We are witnessing the time of Chindia publishing business,” said Mr. Stephen Horowitz, the chief editor of Royal Collins.


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