February, 2015, San Francisco


We are pleased to announce that “ABC of Sound Meters in Chinese Poetry” has been published by Royal Collins Publishing Co. This book, even though a paragraph of an ancient primer for children to learn how to compose poems, might be the first ever piece of writing in English about rhyming in ancient Chinese poetry, which is a treasure of grace, rich feelings and the beauty of language. Mr. Wang Ronghua – who gave the paraphrasing – also provided a general picture of ancient Chinese poetry. The original book listed 30 groups of characters, and each group gathers Chinese characters of the same pronunciation. As end-rhyming is most commonly used, if one knows by heart the characters in each group, it would help rhyming in a tremendous way. The book gives sample lines of different lengths, rich with stories and anecdotes. Mr. Wang gives pronunciations of each line in Chinese “pinyin” so that readers can have a feel of how the lines rhyme. Aside from translations of each line, Mr. Wang also gave some notes on events and figures appeared in the lines for a better understanding of the content. Being a calligrapher, he also wrote down some lines in five different scripts. We are sure that this book will be a great introduction for those who wish to learn about Chinese poetry and literature, and a tool book for those who wish to learn the composition of Chinese poetry.


About Mr. Wang Ronghua

Mr. Wang was former Chinese ambassador to Iceland. Now retired as a diplomat, he is currently an advisor in Beijing for Royal Collins Publishing Group. “ What China can offer to the world are not only her language, herbal medicine and martial arts, her thoughts and ways of thinking are as important.” As a professional author, Mr. Wang can explain classical Chinese culture in fluent English. As our best author, Royal Collins will publish all his great works.