February, 2015, San Francisco


Royal Collins announced that the company had signed the contract with Ms. Fu Xiuying, a famous Chinese young author.

“Ms. Fu Xiuying is an excellent Chinese author; I read her works about three years ago. We can learn about beautiful Chinese villages, kind people, and feel pastoral feelings through her works. This is the worthiest part of Chinese culture. We hope American readers will feel these wonderful fragments of Chinese tradition,” said Mr. Stephen Horowitz, the chief editor of Royal Collins.

“We will publish Mr. Zhang Wei’s book this year. Now we will cooperate with Ms. Fu Xiuying. Royal Collins is ready to promote more excellent Chinese literature genius,” said Mr. Bob Song.

Ms. Fu Xiuying is one of the famous Chinese contemporary writers, with a master’s degree of literature from the Beijing Language University. She is currently working for Collection of Chinese Novels, the most famous Chinese literature magazine. In the last 7 years, hundreds of her novels have already been published by many famous Chinese magazines and publishers. In 2012, her first English novel titled ‘Love Is Everywhere’ was published by an American company. In 2014, Taiwan publishers invited her to visit Taiwan and did some promotion there. Many famous Chinese book reviewers believe that Ms. Fu has an unlimited potential for the future.

I was very surprised after I read Ms. Fu Xiuying’s works, because her novels speak the truth. —By Mr. He Shaojun

When I first read Ms. Fu’s works, I had doubted that it was written by a youth. You know it seems like a senior author. With such aesthetic quality and a fairly deep traditional foundation, I believe it’s very unique in modern writing. —By Mr. Li Jingze

I found some keywords while I was reading Ms. Fu’s work. Words like ‘connotation’, ‘abstinence’, ‘reserve’, ‘nostalgia’, ‘female fates’, ‘classicism’, ‘a sense of vicissitudes’ and so on.—By Mr. Lei Da

In Royal Collins history, this is the first time to invest the resource for a new star. Compared to Mr. Zhang Wei, Ms. Fu needs more promotion around the world. “We know the Chinese government has many great plans to broadcast Chinese culture, but we hope they would like to invest some resources to some Chinese young authors like Ms. Fu Xiuying,” said Mr. Stephen Horowitz.

According to the agreement, Royal Collins will provide the translation, the publishing, and the literature agency service to Ms. Fu Xiuying. “We will help more Asian authors go abroad,’’ said Mr. Stephen Horowitz.


About Ms. Fu Xiuying’s works


Love Is Everywhere

The prize-winning short story ‘Love Is Everywhere’ tells about a family torn apart by an extramarital affair between the narrator’s father and aunt. This star-crossed love story takes place in a country village in China, reminiscing about the relationships within the family as the illicit love affair takes place. When a couple falls out of love, the husband lusts after the young housemaid, who is caught in the middle of the marital relationship. The wife’s jealousy grows when she realizes that the maid is very attractive. Author Fu Xiuying’s artistic writing breathes life into her fictional stories, making readers empathize with the characters and the situations. Although she describes the scenes with simplicity and measured progression, the realistic storylines lead to surprise endings. This collection of short stories will take your breath away. Fu Xiuying is the author of several novels. Her works are incorporated into selective periodicals, anthologies, annuals, and annual ranking lists. ‘Love Is Everywhere’ was one of the selected novels of 2009 in the Chinese Novel Ranking List, and won the first China Writers Publishing Award as well as the first “Moutai Cup” Selected Novels Award. The short story ‘Perfect Conjugal’ was selected for the 2010 Chinese Novel Ranking List. The author lives in Beijing. She says, “Love is the eternal theme of human society – whether in Eastern or Western society, love is a fantastic feeling. For example, China has the Butterfly Lovers, and the West has Romeo and Juliet.”


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