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“The Photo Exhibition of New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction”, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Propaganda Department, Guangdong Foreign Publicity Office and undertaken by the Southern Publication Media Co., Ltd., Indian NCBA Publication Group, Royal Collins, etc, achieved great success in 2016 New Delhi Book Fair.


This exhibition was held for 9 days. It is the most important spotlight in the whole New Delhi Book Fair. Mr. Baldeo Bhai Sharma, Chairman of Indian National Book Trust, specially led his team to view this photo exhibition at 3:00pm, on Jan.15th. He admired all the achievements of Guangdong to build the marine silk routes and highly praised that Guangdong Provincial Propaganda Office, Guangdong Government emphasizes the deep communication and cooperation with the Indian Publication Industry. This exhibition is launched in the period of New Delhi Book Fair, realizing the perfect integration of book and cultural exchange. It is a huge innovation for China, the honor guest country and even for the World Book Fair, New Delhi. He looked forward to seeing more cultural programs themed by Guangdong in Indian New Delhi World Book Fair, 2017.




As the unique photo exhibition themed by the marine silk route construction and held by China, the honor guest country in New Delhi Book Fair, the Photo Exhibition of New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction gained the high attention and support from the Chinese Government. At the opening ceremony on Jan.10th, Mr. Chen Ying Ming, inspector of the International Department of the State Press and Publication Administration, Mr. Kong De Long, Deputy Director of the Planning Department of State Press and Publication Administration jointly attended the photo exhibition opening ceremony. The Indian guests such as Mr. Shri Sukumar Das, Secretary-General of India Africa and Asia Book Council, former chairman of Indian Federal Publication Association, Mr. Amitabha Sen, Vice President of the Indian Federal Publication Association, President of NCBA Publication Group, more than 10 peers from the Indian Publication Industry also came to attend the ceremony. Before the opening ceremony, Mr. Kong Delong reviewed the photo exhibition interestingly, accompanied by Mr. He Zumin, VP of the Southern Publication Media Co., Ltd, Mr. Amitabha Sen and Ms. Zhan Xiumin, President of Flower City Publishing House. He represented the Administration to praise the success of this photo exhibition. He thinks that the photo exhibition of New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Propaganda Office and undertaken by the Southern Publication Media Co., Ltd. and NCBA, is very novel in form and more practical in deepening the cooperation with the Indian Publication Industry, which well promotes the propaganda for Guangdong Province and China.


Mr. Shri Sukumar Das, Managing Director of NCBA, Secretary-General of India, Afro-Asian Book Council, former chairman of Indian Federal Publication Association, as the earliest Indian publisher who visited China, has a respectable prestige. He sang high praise for the photo exhibition held by Guangdong Provincial Propaganda Office, Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office and Southern Publishing Media Co., Ltd. via the platform of New Delhi World Fair themed by the unique marine silk route construction .


Indian New Delhi Book Fair, as the largest fair in south Asia, welcomes the guests from other countries to exhibit in New Delhi every year. “The Photo Exhibition of New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction” also attracted the guests from Britain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Pakistan, Botswana, Nigeria, ec. The success of the Photo Exhibition of “New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction” plants the friendship seeds in the hearts of these guests. It has laid a preliminary foundation for them to propagate Guangdong at their location when they return to their countries.



The Photo Exhibition of “New Guangdong Marine Silk Route Construction” , as the first show held by China at New Delhi Book Fair with the theme of marine silk route construction, undoubtedly attracted the eyes of the guests from China. Mr. Xiao Guanglu, Director of CNPIEC, especially asked his staff to take photos. Mr. Wang Min, President of Anhui Publication Group and Mr. Bao Yunjiu, VP of Anhui Times Publishing & Media Co..Limited especially came to view it, appraising that the photo exhibition had a huge propaganda influence in India. Ms. Lin Bin, VP of Fujian Strait Publication Group, Ms. Li Shuwen, Director of International Cooperation Department, Fujian People’s Publishing House stayed at the photo exhibition for more than 2 hours in the afternoon of Jan.9th. Ms. Xu Ning, Vice Director of the International Cooperation Department, Zhejiang Publishing United Group especially led her subordinate copyright managers to come for communication. Besides that, all the domestic publication insiders such as Ms. Tie Danying, President of Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House, Ms. Zhang Qi, copyright manager, as well as Ms. Zheng Cheng Yu, copyright manager of People’s Medical Publishing House, think that this event was held very creatively, which realized the perfect combination of book and culture communication in the Indian market. It is worthwhile confirming this exhibition and carrying on.


From Jan.9th to Jan.17th, the Photo Exhibition drew in millions of Indian people to visit the exhibition. Many young Indians feel that the photos are very cool with great novelty. They took selfies before the photos spontaneously. Many Indian people all feel that these photos show the different aspects of Guangdong province. They are greatly absorbed by Guangdong and wish to visit Guangdong in their lifetime. After communication with the organizer, they learn that it is only 7 hour direct flight to Guangzhou city and the round trip ticket price is about 40,000~50,000 rupees, which is affordable to them. Guangdong is the richest and best developed province in China. A friendship bridge has been successfully built up in the hearts of millions of Indian people through the success of this photo exhibition. It has also laid the initial cultural exchange foundation for Guangdong to unite the Indian friends and build the Marine Silk Route.



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