[box style=”info”]New Delhi & Beijing , Jan 2016[/box]


Publishing House of Electronics Industry (PHEI) is honor to receive the Award of Excellence from Sino-India Book Publishing Program. Mr. Liu Jiuru, the President of PHEI received the Award of Excellent Publisher, Ms. Liu Xianqing, the Director of PHEI received the Award of Excellent Copyrights Manager. “ We are delighted to see that PHEI has setup a good reputation in India.” Said by Mr. Bob Song , the Chairman of Afro-Asian Book Council and the President of Royal Collins.


In 2015, PHEI has cooperated with Royal Collins to publish the English edition of China Taobao Village. The book will be launched in 2016. “ I think this book is fit for India market, many India villages will want to learn how Chinese villages to develop e-commerce business through Taobao. Our African members will also want to learn.” Said by Mr. Mohan K Kalsi, the Director of India NCBA and the committee member of Afro-Asian Book Council.


As a leading publisher in China established in 1982, PHEI has developed into a comprehensive publisher integrating books, magazines, audio-video and internet products, and knowledge services as well. Based on its rich resources, PHEI has set up an excellent platform on digital contents, software development & application, educational training and related business. With the rapid development in science and technology, PHEI attaches more and more importance to digital and online publishing in recent years.


PHEI holds internationalization as its strategy from the very beginning. During the last years, PHEI has established cooperation on the basis of win-win policy with publishers all over the world.


PHEI’s publication business ranges from computer science, electronics engineering, communication, internet, electrical engineering, mechanics, instruments, material science, automobile industry, new energy, civil engineering, and military science to the area of management of business administration, such as economics, banking, finance, security, accounting, real estate, electronic business, and information system etc.


Publications in the field of social science are also an important part, including public administration, humanities, psychology, public life, arts, literature, health, fashion and scientific popularization as well.


Various books for children are issued in nearly all subjects, such as literature and arts, English learning, and games etc.


Textbooks for college, graduate school, as well as secondary and higher professional school have always been considered a priority,


PHEI has made efforts in introducing well written books in Chinese language abroad, especially to Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Based on the wide and close cooperation and exchange with the well known IT enterprises worldwide, PHEI has greatly strengthened it abilities, and reached an advanced position national wide.


With its advantage of great brand and wide impact, PHEI has been awarded many national honors such as “National Excellent Publisher”, “Excellent Copyright Transfer-Publisher”, “Excellent Distribution Publisher” and becomes an internationally more competitive publication press.