[box style=”info”]Written by Ms. Schravani Kalsi, New Delhi, Jan 2016[/box]

‘The Monkey King’ is a book written by Wu Cheng’en, published by Royal Collins Publishing Group Inc. The book is translated by Bob Song who lives in Beijing and the first Chinese Publisher to share the magical powers of lord Hanuman as the Monkey King.


Monkey is the most popular figure in all Chinese literatures, loved for centuries by young people and adults. The book covers nine chapters, which form a kind of prelude. It recounts the journey of the Buddhist monk Sanzang to collect sacred scriptures from Buddha in the Western Paradise.


It contains beautiful and colourful illustrations which supports the written text. The weapon used by the Monkey King is a magical golden red pencil whereas Lord Hanuman had a magical hammer. Moreover, the small version of the weapon used by the Monkey King is available with the booklet.


This book takes us into an entirely new world of comics which should be explored by all. It’s a must read! This lovely book is available at NCBA and Royal Collins,stand No. 128 to 135, Hall 6.


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