[box style=”info”]New Delhi, Jan 2016[/box]

A contract signing ceremony titled The Dialogue Between the Monkey King and Lord Hanuman was held at the China Pavilion. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Bob Song, from Royal Collins. He underlined the similarity between The Monkey King, a popular character in China, and Lord Hanuman of India. The session was followed by a video clipping of the Monkey King.


Mr. Sukumar Das and Mr. Qian Zhijiang spoke about the origin of both the heroes. Mr. Sukumar Das talked about the origin and superpowers of Lord Hanuman as portrayed in India epic Ramayana, whereas Mr. Qian Zhijiang discussed the origin of The Monkey King being mentioned in a Buddhist manuscript.


The event concluded with the signing of the contract by Mr. Mohan Kalsi and Mr. Qian Zhijiang for Hindi translation of A Journey to the West.


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