Hu Huijian, Jin Kun & Tian Yuan


Format: Cloth | Pages: 240pp
Size: 210 × 285 mm
Language: English
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ISBN: 978-1-4878-0205-9

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Wildlife Species of the Qomolangma National Nature Reserve is an academic monograph on the conservation and sustainable protection of wildlife. It systematically describes the natural environment of the entire Qomolangma Reserve, as well as the overall situation and historical investigation of species of terrestrial wildlife. Hundreds of wild animals are surveyed in terms of composition, distribution, regional characteristics, and vertical distribution. In addition, animals’ geographical division and distribution patterns are discussed in depth. It reveals many unique species and landscapes, photographed for the first time, and integrating innovation, science, and academics into the Qinghai-Tibet region and high-altitude regions in the world. The ecological protection and sustainable use of high mountain regions has important application value, and this book is particularly suited to teachers, students, researchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and related departments in colleges and universities.

[box style=”info”]ABOUT THE AUTHORS[/box]

Hu Huijian is a Professor and Ph.D. supervisor at the Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources (the South China Institute of Endangered Animals). Dr. Hu is currently a council member of the China Zoological Society, a member of the National Expert Committee on the 2nd Terrestrial Wildlife Resources Survey, and a vice-chairman and general secretary of the Guangdong Zoological Society. Since 1997, Dr. Hu has carried out many large-scale scientific wildlife expeditions nationwide with footprints all over China.

Jin Kun is a researcher and Master Instructor of the Institute of Forest Ecology and Environmental Protection at the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Dr. Jin is currently a council member of the Animal Society of the Chinese Zoological Society and a member of the Beijing Zoological Society. Dr. Jin has long been engaged in wildlife ecology and management, wildlife conservation biology and nature reserve management research. Dr. Jin has published more than 30 papers in domestic and international journals and edited and published several monographs, including Xiaoxing’anling Wildlife, Tiger Research, Chinese Mongolian gazelle Research, and Wild Animal Ecology and Conservation Research.

Tian Yuan, a graduate of the Central South University of Forestry and Technology, has been engaged in animal ecology and conservation biology research since 2006, and has participated in scientific research projects in the Tibet Everest Nature Reserve, Qiangtang Nature Reserve, and Himalayan South Wing Mountain Wildlife Resources.