Wan Weigang
Translated by Daniel McRyan


Format: Cloth | Pages: 384pp
Size: 145 × 210 mm
Language: English
Price: $44.95
ISBN: 978-1-987821-95-6

[box style=”info”]DESCRIPTION[/box]

This book is a collection of Dr. Wan Weigang’s selected articles themed with seeing the world scientifically.

To help transform perceptual knowledge into rational knowledge, the author has adopted interesting experiments and reliable data. His way of seeing the world scientifically involves a broad range of subjects including economics, psychology, sociology, statistics, physics, etc. He sets an example and introduces a way to comprehend the world with a cutting-edge view of science.

The book is divided into three sections. The first one is called Common-sense Reversed Thinking. As the name suggests, it aims to guide readers to analyze the world around us rationally without thoughts being clouded by common sense.

The second section is the Antidotes to the Study of Success. It attempts to send a message that life is the most difficult exam. A considerable number of people flunk it because they try to copy others without realizing that everybody has a different question paper. Studying how the successful achieve success and follow their path won’t always work.

The third section is called Hawking’s Answers. It hopes to plant a seed of scientific thinking into readers’ minds so that they can avoid some embarrassment and even deception in the future.

Reading this book is not only educational but also entertaining as there are many examples and stories being told, which are far easier to understand than dull theories.

[box style=”info”]ABOUT THE AUTHOR[/box]

Dr. Wan Weigang graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China and is now doing research in the Physics Department of the University of Colorado.