December, 2013, San Francisco



Royal Collins Publishing Group today announced it has co-published a new title about Chinese former Premier, Mr. Wen Jiabao.



On September 6, 2006, The Times of the UK gave a two paged coverage in its world news section of the interview of Premier Wen Jiabao, which provided impressive details in both pictures and language. On the second page, under the title “ How Books and Learning Reveal Mind of Man Who Will Shape Future,” the essay carried in large Chinese and English typefaces lines of China’s classics Premier Wen had quoted during his interviews with journalists. As the author stressed in the essay, Premier Wen Jiabao has been the only Chinese leader since Chairman Mao to show openly his understanding of the classics of his own culture. The English translation of the book is in nature an attempt to reveal the learning and language skill of Premier Wen Jiabao, as well as the wisdom of the Chinese traditional culture.



“It is good to be able to get further insight into Mr. Wen. In the UK we have only a few politicians who are fond of quoting prose and poetry in their speeches,” said Mr. Richard Mollet, Chief Executive, the Publishers Association Limited of UK.“ We will try our best to distribute this title in the world,” said Mr. David Taylor, Vice President of Ingram Content Group. Ingram is the global wholesaler.



According to the marketing plan, Wen’s book will be sold in all English countries. Meanwhile, the company also donated some copies to some libraries in US.


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