Lao Ma


Format: Cloth | Pages: 142pp
Size: 145 × 210 mm
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0091-8

[box style=”info”]DESCRIPTION[/box]

This book is the collection of short stories by the renowned writer, Lao Ma. It includes his representative short stories, short and keen-witted stories, with lively, interesting language and clever narration, combining perfectly the humour and lightness of words with the absurdity and heaviness of reality to form a special literary style.

[box style=”info”]ABOUT THE AUTHOR[/box]

Lao Ma, pen name of Ma Junjie, works at People’s University of China, and also serves a committee member of the Chinese Writers Association Fiction Committee. He started writing in the 1990s, publishing hundreds of medium and short length novels in a variety of literary journals. More than a hundred of his novels have appeared on the list of 21st Century Annual Novel Selection, Best Novella in China, Best China’s Short Stories, Centenary Flash Fiction Classics, and others. His main works include novels like Yo-Heave-Ho, novellas and short stories such as Giggle, Individuals, Something to Report, A Sense, Unspoken Dialogue, Wait A Moment and 100% Happy, essays including Laugh to Convey a Moral, From a Distance, and Different Perspectives. His works have been translated into Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, English, French, Spanish, and many other languages.

[box style=”info”]ENDORSEMENTS[/box]

“Lao Ma is a writer, and also a philosopher by professional training.”
— Chen Zhongyi, Head of Foreign Literature Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

“The works of Lao Ma allow Chinese history and literature to appear before the eyes of European readers in a concrete fashion which is both strange and familiar.”
— Taciana, Professor of Madrid Autonomous University of Spain, Sinologist

“Lao Ma’s works reflect the content and purport of the society, politics, moral principles, and related literature of the time.”
— Daniel, Researcher of the National High Tech Commission of Spain