Cloth • 4 Colors • 1102 Pages • 8 × 11 inches • English • USD 289.95 ISBN: 9781487812348

The Peoples of China: An Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups—A Milestone Publication by Renowned Sinologist Haiwang Yuan

Montreal, Canada

We are thrilled to announce the release of The Peoples of China: An Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups, a seminal work by the esteemed sinologist Haiwang Yuan. This encyclopedia marks a significant milestone in studying China’s ethnic diversity, providing an unparalleled resource for the international academic community.

In this comprehensive volume, Yuan meticulously examines the 56 ethnic groups of China, including the Han, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Manchus, and Mongols, etc. Each chapter delves into the unique aspects of a specific ethnic group, covering their origins, geographical distribution, social conditions, customs, cultural achievements, and many nuanced aspects of their lives. The information is presented with remarkable clarity and objectivity, making the encyclopedia valuable for scholarly research and general interest.

The Peoples of China: An Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups is more than just a book; it is a bridge between cultures and a testament to Chinese society’s rich, multifaceted tapestry. Its fluent and authentic English exposition opens new avenues for understanding and appreciating the diversity of Chinese ethnic groups. This work is poised to become a cornerstone in Chinese studies, anthropology, and cultural studies, offering fresh perspectives and deep insights into the complex mosaic of China’s ethnic heritage.

About the Author:
Haiwang Yuan, Professor Emeritus from WKU Libraries in the US and adviser at Nankai University’s Center for the Study of Translating Chinese Poetry for Foreign Readership, is a celebrated member of the CCTSS. Yuan’s scholarly contributions, including Mastering Modern Chinese through Classics, Chinese Proverb Stories for Lifelong and Classroom Learning, This Is China: The First 5,000 Years, and several others, have significantly impacted Chinese studies. His role as editor of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China and contributor to the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture highlights his profound influence on sinology. His translations of prominent Chinese authors have also garnered international acclaim.

About the Book:
The Peoples of China: An Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups is an indispensable resource for anyone engaged in Chinese studies or interested in China’s cultural diversity. Its release marks a pivotal moment in the international academic community, offering a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of China’s ethnic groups. The book is now available for purchase and is an essential addition to any academic library.

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