The History of Economic Thought in the People’s Republic of China: The Development and Transformation of Modern China’s Economic Thought (1949–2019)

By Zhao Xiaolei

Cloth • 680 pp • 178 × 254 mm •
US$119.95 • C$161.95
ISBN: 9781487808594

This book systematically unravels and analyzes the transformation and development of China’s economic thought under the influence of Marxist economics from 1949 to 2019, within the framework of mainstream economics and shows how the mainstream perspective on major theoretical issues and its research paradigms have diverged in history. While analyzing the mainstream economic perspective, the book also objectively introduces foreign economic theories (mainly those of the former Soviet Union economy and the Western economy) and studies their impact on China’s economic paradigm.
About the Author
Born in Shanghai in May 1955, Zhao Xiaolei is a Doctor of Economics and a professor and doctoral advisor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, where he currently holds the position of Director of the Free-Trade Zone Research Institute / Shanghai Development Research Institute. He has also received the Sun Yefang Economic Science Award and holds the position of Vice President at the Chinese Society for the History of Economic Thought. He specializes in theoretical economics, macroeconomics, urban economic planning, and urban agglomeration economics.
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