The Epic of King Gesar

By Jam-dpal-rgya-mtsho & Pan Xiaoli

Cloth • 416 pp • 210 × 260 mm •
English • ART
US$79.95 • C$107.95
ISBN: 9781487804800

The Tibetan classic The Epic of King Gesar believed to date from the 12th century, the tale relates the heroic deeds of the cultural icon Gesar, the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling.

The epic is composed of a numerous versions, each with many variants, and is reputed by some to be the longest epic tale in the world. In 2009, China had the epic included in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This book vividly demonstrates the highest achievement of Tibetan folk art, Gesar, in unique Tibetan scroll painting form. With 100 pieces of Thangka paintings, it illustrates how the hero Gesar descended from heaven to conquer the devils of other tribes and seek to help ordinary people before finally returning to heaven after completing his sacred mission. It offers a vivid glimpse into the world’s longest epic through Thangka’s exceptional artwork.

About the Authors
Tibetan author Jam-Dpal-Rgya-Mtsho was born in Batang County, Ganzi Tibetan Pre-fecture, Sichuan Province. He is a an associate researcher for the Institute of National Literature at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has engaged in research and translation of Tibetan literature for many years and is a leading researcher of the Tibetan heroic epic, The Epic of King Gesar. He has published The Biography of King Gesar, Hero Gesar, and other works.

Pan Xiaoli is a member of the Zhuang nationality. She has a Master of Arts from the Central University for Nationalities and has devoted her time to the inheritance and re-search of traditional Chinese culture and minority culture. She has also participated in the editing and reorganization of Hero Gesar.