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Many English Version Books Such As China Taobao Village, The Pillars of A Great Power, are launched hand in hand by PHEI and Royal Collins Publishing Group INC.


In the afternoon of March 16, 2017, PHEI and Royal Collins jointly hold the “21st Century Digital Silk Road” Seminar & New Book Launch Conference at London Book Fair. The experts from China, India, Britain and other countries and the publication colleagues deeply discuss the significance and the goal of building the digital silk road. Six types of copyright export English books such as China Taobao Village released by PHEI are ceremoniously launched.


At the seminar, both Chinese and foreign experts talk about the strategy of “One Belt One Road” proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which arouses the wide attention of the world. “One Belt One Road, Network First”, it is profoundly significant to activate the new engine of ancient “silk civilization”, jointly build the interest, fate and responsibility community with mutual political trust, economy integration and culture inclusiveness.


Mr. Liu Jiuru, the chief editor of PHEI who specially came to attend the seminar made a speech. He introduced that PHEI would actively integrate its own advantages and hold hands with the publishers from India and other countries. Recently, through the export of copyright, more than twenty types of excellent English books are released, which highlight Chinese economy innovation, the development characteristics and experiences of Internet information science technology. At this London Book Fair, six types of new books are released to the English readers. They are China Taobao Village which introduces how Chinese farmers become rich by the way of e-commerce; Ten Years of Taobao Technology and Decryption of Taobao that introduce the core technology secrets of Taobao.com, the biggest global e-commerce platform; Jack Ma’s Management Wisdom that introduces the successful experiences of Mr. Jack Ma, the global famous Internet entrepreneur and the director board president of Alibaba; the Pillars of A Great Power that introduces the leading enterprises of the Chinese industrial manufacturing; Never Expected: Understand the World by the Mentality of Science and Engineering which is awarded as China Good Book in 2014


Mr. Liu emphasizes that book is the best carrier to understand different civilizations. China has been engaged in the deep exchange with India and Britain since the ancient times. In recent years, Chinese Internet companies and the relevant industrial enterprises have enlarged their investment in India and Britain. It will be profoundly significant if Chinese innovation result can be integrated into the advanced British and European manufacturing. We are very glad to cooperate with the colleagues of the Indian publication industry. Through the book publication, Chinese innovation and exploration can be shared with India and Britain so as to propel the world’s civilization exchange. Of course, we also expect more innovation modes from India and more development experiences from Britain, Europe and America in order to supply a plentiful knowledge and information support for the strategy implementation of “One Belt, One Road” and the construction of the digital silk road.


Mr. Bob Song, President of Royal Collins, Chairman of Afro-Asian Book Council talked in his speech at the seminar that China is the second-largest global publication market while India is the sixth-largest global publication market. The publication cooperation space between two countries is very huge. For the moment, the Chinese government is actively encouraging the Chinese publication enterprises to go abroad. The Indian publication is relatively highly integrated into the international market. They have some advantages in cooperating with the Chinese publishers. PHEI is cooperating with Royal Collins to launch a batch of top-quality English books in London. This batch of books is a valuable try under the great time background of fitting the needs of English readers and actively strengthening the cultural exchange between two countries.


When Mr. Mohan, the veteran Indian publisher, made a speech in the seminar, he highly praised the successful cooperation with PHEI. He thinks these English books not only reflect Chinese development achievement but also provide reference for Indian development, which embody the common voice of China, worthy of the world’s listening. Through the important English world book fair, London Book Fair, these books can walk to the world, which should be a successful case of copyright cooperation. In future five years, in order to make bigger contribution to propelling the strategy implementation of “One Belt One Road” and the building of 21st century digital silk road, Royal Collins will hold hands with PHEI to launch to the world more good books which reflect the Chinese Internet information field and the industrial field.