[box style=”info”]March, 2017, London, UK[/box]


Royal Collins announced that the company participated 2017 London Book Fair in March, 2017. The company has one stand at Indian pavilion. As the only Chinese publisher at Indian pavilion, Mr. Bob Song, the President of Royal Collins was highly praised by Mr. Baldeo Bhai Sharma, Chairman of National Book Trust, Government of India. He hoped that Royal Collins could translate and publish some Indian books into Chinese for China market as well.


As the pioneer who focuses on the culture exchange between China and India, Mr. Bob Song has done many things for promoting Chinese books in India and Indian books in China. With his leadership, Royal Collins has successfully held some events and published some books for Sino-Indian culture exchange from 2015 to 2017. He was the Chairperson for the first Sino-Indian Publishing Summit in 2015 Beijing International Book Fair, the first Sino-Indian Publishing Program on 9th January 2016 in New Delhi, India as well. Meanwhile. Mr. Bob Song is the first Chinese publisher who has been elected as the Chairman of Afro-Asian Book Council in India. In January, 2017, Royal Collins launched one English title and ten Hindi titles in 2017 NDWBF. Mr. Baldeo Bhai Sharma, met Mr. Bob Song twice. Dr. Rita Chowdhury, Director of National Book Trust, Government of India chaired the book launch of China Taobao Village and 10 Hindi children books.


“From my experience, I’d like to say the best timing of Sino-Indian culture cooperation is coming now. ” Said Mr. Bob Song at 21st Century Digital Silk Road Forum in London. It’s the first time in London Book Fair’s history that Chinese and Indian publisher co-publish six English titles and launch in London. Mr. Liu Jiuru, the Chief Editor of PHEI is the chief guest of this function. Mr. Mohan and Mr. Ranjith chaired the function as the honor guests.


During London Book Fair, Royal Collins team met 35 clients from the world. As a global publisher and distributor, Royal Collins has good achievements from African market as well.


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