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China rents a big space at 2015 BEA.


2015 BEA is over. We will see u at 2016 BEA.


Compared with last BEA, this BEA is different because China has sent a big delegation. As the good business partner of Chinese publishers, Royal Collins has attended three events with Hunan, Anhui and Zhejiang Publishing Group at BEA. Meanwhile, Royal Collins also held a very successful event with SPM, the biggest publisher in South China. “What we have learned from these events is we should develop more business with Chinese publishers. Respect them and make friends with them.” Said by Mr. Stephen Horowitz, the Chief Editor at Royal Collins.


“ It’s my first time to attend Hunan’s event at BEA. I will have sense to handle music publishing business in China.” Said by Ms. Catherine Farley, the former Music Licensing Director at Disney Group. Hunan Publishing Group is also called China South Media & Publishing Co., Ltd. Publisher Weekly has released a list that China South Media & Publishing Co., Ltd. is No.7 biggest publisher in the world. Royal Collins has cooperated with Hunan for more than three years.


“I was shocked when I saw this awesome artist work.” Said by Mr. Jim Bryant, CEO at Trajectory INC. Trajectory made a dialogue with Anhui Publishing Group. “Hi Jim, you are the speaker of Chinese culture now.” Said by Mr. Bob Song, President at Royal Collins. As the first listed Chinese publishing company, Anhui Publishing Group is one of the biggest Chinese publishers. To improve the international business, Anhui Publishing Group hired Mr. Bob Song to work as an international business consultant in 2014. During last three years, Mr. Bob Song and Royal Collins had cooperated with Anhui to translate and publish more than 35 titles in the world. As the old friend of Mr. Wang Yafei, the President at APG, Mr. Bob Song also recommended many famous foreign publishers to Anhui.


“ Besides Anhui, I am also the international consultant of Guangdong Publishing Group. I am very proud that I can recommend some American publishers, British publishers, Canada publishers and Indian publishers to shake hands with Guangdong at BEA.” Said by Mr. Bob Song. On the afternoon of May 28th, almost 40 foreign publishers attended the event which was held by Guangdong and Royal Collins.


As the new partner of Zhejiang Publishing United Group, Royal Collins had signed the agreement with Zhejiang to publish a title about Mr. Jack Ma: the Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group in English. To witness Zhejiang’s performance in America, Royal Collins team also attended Zhejiang’s event on the last day of BEA.


From these events, Royal Collins believes that Chinese publishers need to know how to promote themselves in the world. Many Chinese publishers don’t know how to communicate with American publishers, rights agencies and authors. So it’s really a pity that not so many Americans visited Chinese Pavilion, the biggest space of 2015 BEA.



What’s the value of China to America?




If you search “ China” from Amazon, you will find this number. It means 2,815,359 products about China are available at Amazon. If you check your everything in your home, maybe you can find many products that are made in China. So nobody can imagine how American’s life is going on without China. As the largest economy and the second-largest economy, America and China have so many benefits if two economies can cooperate very well. To American publishing industry, now China is a very important market. In 2014, China has purchased 5500 rights and imported millions of publications from America. In this case, American publishers need to know more about Chinese publishers and Chinese market.


Now Chinese publishers are coming. In BEA’s history, it’s the first time for China to become the Global Market Forum in this May. The Chinese government sent a big delegation including 25 top Chinese authors, 600 publishers and 500 distributors to New York. As the old friend of Chinese publishers, Royal Collins has met many Chinese publishers at BEA. They are Qingdao Publishing Group, Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House, PHEI, SPM, Yunnan Publishing Group, Zhejiang United Publishing Group, China Intercontinental Press, China Yanshi Press, China Customs Press, China South Publishing Group and CIPG. As we had mentioned before, we attended three events that were organized by Hunan, Anhui and Zhejiang United Publishing Group. We also held an event at 14:30 PM on May 28th. From these meetings and events, we understand China very well.


As a Sinologist, Mr. Greg Jones has lived in China for many years. And he is very happy because he is married with a beautiful Chongqing lady. He is a fan of Xiao Mi, not Apple. “ I think Xiao Mi is the next Apple. This company has produced cost-effective products.” Said by Mr. Greg Jones. After Jack Ma’s project, Royal Collins will publish a book about Xiao Mi in English.


What’s the value of China to America? The wise Americans will make a right choice.




More friends will make a better world.


Mr. Stephen Horowitz, the Chief Editor at Royal Collins has been to BEA for many times. He has many friends at BEA. They are not only from America, but also from China.


Mr. Etan Boritzer, the CEO at VLM has been to BEA for many years. He has two clients in China. One is in Hunan, the other is in Sichuan. And he hopes he will have more clients in China.


Mr. Peter Gaviorno, the Senior Director at APA is very busy and happy at BEA. Chinese Chemical Publishing House has purchased many rights about APA’s children book during last two years.


Ms. Suk Lee, the International Sales Director at Perseus will make a speech at Hong Kong Book Fair after BEA. Then she will visit China mainland for company’s business. With her great effort, Perseus has sold many products in China.


Mr. Donn Greenburg, the Publisher at PMI, is eager to shake hands with more Chinese publishers. PHEI, a very famous Chinese publisher has purchased many rights from PMI during last ten years.


In fact, we can find many similar cases. Until now, more than 200 western publishers have setup branch offices in China. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has setup offices in Beijing and Shanghai. This company has hired more than 60 staffs in China, and occupied the biggest market share in the Chinese library market. Reed Elsevier and Springer are the No. 2 and No.3 in the Chinese academic publishing and library market. Besides these big publishers, Small and Middle Size Publishers also want to make money in China market. “ We represent many American small and middle publishers, but they don’t have money to setup branch offices in China. So how to develop business in China?” Asked by Mr. Paul Murphy, the Vice President at IPG.


“Royal Collins has wide and deep cooperation with Chinese professional publishers and domestic publishers in each province. We keep the regular contacts with more than 200 Chinese top publishers. Most Chinese publishers have the distribution network in China market, so we can help small and middle American publishers to develop business in China.” Said by Mr. Bob Song, the President at Royal Collins on the meeting with IPG.


During last three years, Royal Collins has setup the good relationship with 200 western publishers, 200 Chinese publishers, 200 Asian publishers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and India. Besides Sino-America publishing business, Royal Collins will also develop Sino-Indo publishing business before 2016 NDWBF.


“More friends will make a better world. We will work closely with the domestic partners in order to carry a great business.” Said by Ms. Christina Collins, the Owner and CEO at Royal Collins.


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