January, 2015, New Delhi


Royal Collins announced that the company will represent 70 Chinese publishers to attend 2015 New Delhi World Book Fair. This is a joint effort by Chinese and Indian teams.

In November, 2014, Mr. Bob Song visited Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and Hunan provinces. Because India is the most important link on the Silk Road, Zhejiang United Publishing Group pays more attention to this cooperation. Royal Collins Indian company will help Zhejiang publish 100 titles in India. Meanwhile, Zhejiang will also publish 100 Indian titles in China. It is a very good opportunity to open the door of two greatest Asia countries. Royal Collins will organize an Indian delegation to visit China after BIBF.

“India has 1.2 billion people, China has 1.4 billion people. This is the biggest combination market,” said Mr. Bob Song, President, Royal Collins Asia-Pacific Business.” But why this cooperation can not be operated very well?” Mr. Bob Song will make English speech at New Delhi World Book Fair to answer this question.

In Royal Collins history, it’s the first time that two business units will promote 300 English titles which published by 70 Chinese publishers at New Delhi World Book Fair. These 70 publishers have occupied more than 40% market share in China. “ If you want to research China market, you should come to our stands,” said Mr. Bob Song.

From February 12th to 22nd, Mr. Bob Song will visit New Delhi and Mumbai. China will become the honor guest country of 2016 New Delhi World Book Fair. But the communication is not enough between two countries publishers. “ It’s good timing to get ready for this great opportunity,” said Mr. Hersh Bhardwaj. He came to Beijing International Book Fair in 2012, but he found that it was difficult for Indian publishers to develop business in China. “ I think Indian publishers need to understand and learn China market. We should try to avoid misunderstanding. The government has created a good opportunity for this cooperation. Indian publishers will meet 1000 Chinese publishers at 2016 NDWBF. But if you still use the traditional way, you will lose this opportunity,” said Mr. Bob Song.

Royal Collins believes that Sino-India publishing industry will have a brilliant future if the publishers in these two countries can understand and accept each other. 2015 NDWBF is a good beginning for this great target.