Gu Ying


Format: Paper | Pages: 176pp
Size: 145 × 210 mm
Language: English
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-927670-86-6

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For generations, resentment and hatred have been brewing between the Lion Tribe and the Dog Tribe. The changing fortunes of the tribes have led one to grow into a looming threat at the expense of the other – in a very literal sense. But things are changing in the Kingdom of the Wind, and new people are rising to take leadership from within, while new friends are arriving from afar to bring an extra measure of help to the people who live in the kingdom. It will require an extremely delicate touch to restore peace and unity after so many centuries of enmity. Will the aging King Amai have the wisdom to choose a successor who is both skillful and prudent enough to bring peace and new life to the Kingdom of the Wind?

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Gu Ying, a kindergarten teacher, has published picture books, bridging books, and other works for children. She has published more than two hundred short stories and novels in major newspapers and magazines, and has won the Bing Xin Award for New Writing. She loves literature, writing, and life, and literature and writing are an indispensable part of her life. She takes writing as a sort of game, shuttling and walking through a sort of text formation maze, enjoying the fun brought about by “teasing” the text. She hopes one day that she can pass this feeling on to her readers. She values a quiet life, hard work, and diligent effort to create beautiful works.