Journey to Justice: The Inside Story of the Chinese Prosecutor Hsiang Che-chun and His Team in the Tokyo Trial

By XIANG Longwan

Cloth • 312 pp • 156 × 234 mm • English
US$39.95 • C$53.95
ISBN: 9781487810771

This book is mainly about the work and contributions of the Chinese prosecution team during the Tokyo Trial, which includes determining the starting date of the trial and the defendant list of war criminals, participating in drafting the Indictment, collecting evidence, inviting key witnesses to testify, giving prosecutorial statements, compiling documents, and so on. Based on citing a large number of court records, international treaties, diplomatic correspondence, media reports, and the parties’ subsequent memories, the author tries to argue with evidence and explain the complicated process in a simple and crystal-clear way. It not only provides a reference for researchers but also helps general readers understand the overview and significance of the Tokyo Trial.

About the Author
XIANG Longwan is a mathematics professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He was one of the founders of the Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies (CTTS) of SJTU in 2011 and has served as Honorary Director since then. He is the son of HSIANG Che-Chun, the prosecutor representing China to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, also known as the Tokyo Trial, from 1946 to 1948. The family connection inspired his interest and early research into the history of the Tokyo Trial. This field had barely been researched in China and initiated the establishment of the research center. He has been teaching and exploring mathematics for nearly 40 years and previously served as Provost of SJTU. He has published more than ten textbooks and monographs as well as about 70 research papers in both fields of mathematics and studies of the Tokyo Trial.