A History of China in Maps: Ethnic Migration

Author: An Jiesheng
Chief Editor: Ge Jianxiong

Cloth • 328 pp • 156 × 234 mm • English
US$49.95 • C$66.95
ISBN: 9781487809379

China is a nation made up of many different ethnicities – all of which owe their origins to various migration movements, even traditional Chinese agricultural societies. This vast and complex history of various people migrations, and the blending and intertwining of ethnicities forms the basis of this book.

For readers interested in a detailed account as to how these various groups – including the Han, Mongols, Xianbei, and Tartars – emerged, spread, intermixed, and perhaps declined, there’s no need to look any further: many pages are dedicated to the customs, origins, and fates of these different peoples. As evidenced in the text, many customs and aspects of culture are borrowed from others, leading to a constant evolution of these ethnicities, and more broadly of China as a whole. Without such migration, there would be no modern Chinese nation. As made clear by the author, these great people movements underpin and form all civilizations throughout history: no single ethnic group exists in isolation, nor is impermeable from the influence of others. To better understand China’s contemporary make-up, please explore this volume further.

About the Authors
An Jiesheng was born in 1966 and graduated from the History Department of Fudan University in 1987. He graduated from the Graduate School of Fudan University in 1996 with a doctorate in history. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Center of Historical Geographical Studies of Fudan University. His main research interests are historical human geography, Chinese immigration history, and local history. His main publications include History of Immigrants in Shanxi, Historical National Geography (I & II), etc.

Ge Jianxiong, Ph.D., born in 1945, is a professor at the Center for Historical Geographical Studies of Fudan University in Shanghai, China. He is also a doctoral supervisor and Director of Fudan University Library. His research focuses on historical geography, population history, migration history, and cultural history. Selected publications of Professor Ge include History of the Population in China, History of Migrations in China, History of the Development of Population in China, A Perspective of Chinese History: Unification and Separation, etc.