Compiled by Gao Mo
Hindi Translation: Kumari Rohini

Format: Paperback | Pages: 152pp
Size: 170 × 240 mm
Language: Hindi
Price: $15.95 • ₹1199
ISBN: 978-1-4878-1007-8

[box style=”info”]DESCRIPTION[/box]

With the progress of society and the continuous development of people’s way of living and working, many traditional folk crafts have disappeared. The traditional crafts of thousands of years are becoming dying arts. This book presents more than ten kinds of intangible cultural heritage skills, telling stories of the past and present of these crafts.

[box style=”info”]ABOUT THE AUTHOR[/box]

Mr. Gao Mo, a senior journalist/editor of the “China” magazine, has conducted in-depth research on Chinese traditional culture. He has published many selected topics on Chinese traditional culture. He is currently living in Beijing with his lovely family.