Tujia Paintings and Woodcarvings in Guizhou and Their Development in the Qing Dynasty_Cover

Tujia Paintings and Woodcarvings in Guizhou and Their Development in the Qing Dynasty

By Liu Yong
Translated by Tan Yanqin

Cloth • 392 pages • 215 × 265 mm • English
Sep 2023 • US$49.95 • CA$66.95
ISBN: 9781487809799

About the Book

The Tujia number over 8 million people and are one of the larger ethnic minority groups in China. However, little is known about their culture – especially their paintings and woodcarvings – which are not merely ornamental but also key components of their religious practices and rituals. Accompanied by many pictures and photos, this book explores the fabulous and unique Tujia works of art from the Qing period. Author Liu Yong, who has amassed an incredible collection of Tujia artwork (some of which is shown in this book), also explores the Nuo folk religion and its intimate connection with the Tujia.

Traditionally the Tujia dwell in the Wuling Mountain area of southwestern China, on the borders of Hubei, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces. They rose to prominence during the Ming era (1368–1644) and arguably reached their zenith during the Qing era (1644–1911). It is hoped that through further research and understanding, invaluable Tujia customs and skillsets from previous generations will not be lost. For anyone interested in the Tujia, Nuo religion, or the art itself, this title is certainly recommended.

About the Author

Liu Yong is a self-taught artist and researcher in various folk styles such as sculptures, frescoes, tapestries, ceramic crafts, and caricatures. He is a member of the China Artists Association and has received prestigious titles such as National First-Class Artist, First-Class Artist in Folk Art from UNESCO, and Chinese Arts and Crafts Master. Liu is also a collector of ethnic minority costumes, batiks, embroideries, brocades, masks, paintings, and other works of art, which he incorporates into his own work. He has held exhibitions in various countries and his works are stored in several museums worldwide. Liu has received numerous international and national awards, and his published works include An Anthology of Liu Yong’ s Art Work and A Selection of Comical Works from Liu Yong, among others.

About the Translator

Tan Yanqin is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California (UCSD) Literature Department, San Diego, USA. She earned her MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Virginia, USA, and her BA in Chinese Literature from Peking University, China. Her current research field is Cultural Studies, with a focus on documentary theory and Chinese documentary practices. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, she has a broad interest in popular culture, folk literature, folklore, and ethnic minority social history in East Asia. She was a recipient of the Chinese Studies Fellowship at UCSD in 2016.