The Way of Calligraphy

By Sun Xiaoyun

Cloth • 316 pp • 180 × 250 mm • English
US$24.95 • C$33.95
ISBN: 9781487810382

Chinese calligraphy is a source of pride for the Chinese people and a vehicle for the transmission of Chinese culture in art, literature, history, philosophy, and more. In The Way of Calligraphy, Dr. Sun Xiaoyun tells the story of her love for calligraphy from childhood, her struggles to learn the history and methods of different styles of Chinese calligraphy, and her research into the tools (paper, brush, and ink) that are so important in creating the beautiful calligraphy.

Written in a lively, personal tone, Sun Xiaoyun has created an instruction manual, an autobiography, and a deep appreciation for this uniquely Chinese art form. Many illustrations and photographs are useful for both the beginning student and experienced calligraphers eager to expand and perfect their art.

About the Author
Professor Sun Xiaoyun is an award-winning teacher, artist, and scholar of Chinese calligraphy. She has won the prestigious Chinese National Calligraphy Award seven times, and her works have been exhibited throughout China and internationally.