Patterns in the State of Chu

Patterns in the State of Chu

Written by Zhang Qing
Translated by Luo Zhongwu

Cloth • 424 pages • 178 × 254 mm • English
Mar 2024 • US$59.95 • CA$80.95
ISBN: 9781487811617

About the Book

Research on the Patterns of the Chu State is a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the patterns found on artifacts from China’s ancient Chu State. This book takes a design-focused approach to examine the stylistic features and evolution of various Chu patterns during the Eastern Zhou period, highlighting the cultural and symbolic significance of these patterns.

In addition, the book analyzes the decorative features and visual effects of each type of pattern found in Chu artifacts while also exploring their design concepts and aesthetic significance. Through careful study of archaeological objects and literature, the book paints a vivid picture of the rich artistic heritage of ancient China. Moreover, the book also delves into the relationship between Chu patterns and the patterns of minority groups in some remote areas of southern China during the Qin and Han periods. It also showcases the application of Chu patterns in modern design, offering insights that can inspire contemporary designers.

With stunning illustrations and an accessible writing style, it is an essential resource for anyone interested in ancient Chinese culture, design, or art history. This book provides a unique window into the artistic achievements of one of China’s most important historical periods, making it a must-read for scholars, students, and enthusiasts alike.

About the Author

Zhang Qing is a professor and Ph.D. holder who has dedicated his career to the study of traditional Chinese patterns and brand image design. With expertise in a range of related fields, including ancient astronomy and jade carving studies, he has authored over 30 papers and works on these topics. He is a peer reviewer of Journal of Zhejiang University of Technology and an editorial board member of Toy World magazine. In recent years, he presided over two national projects and was awarded the third-level training object of Jiangsu Province 333, a high-level personnel training project. In 2021, He was awarded the first prize of the 15th Excellent Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Highlighted Features
  • Capture a vivid picture of ancient China’s rich artistic heritage

  • Unveil cultural tales behind intricate patterns

  • A must-have for art lovers and design enthusiasts alike