August, 2014, Taiwan



On August 29th, Mr. Jim Bryant, CEO of Trajectory Inc. had a good meeting with Mr. Wu Shulin and Mr. Yang Keqi at Taiwan Party.

Mr. Wu Shulin is the former Vice Minister of GAPP. He has great reputation and highly influence in China publishing industry. Now he is the Vice Chairman of China Publish Association, and the President of China Book Reviews Study Association.


Mr. Yang Keqi is the former President of Taiwan Times Publishing Group. Now he is the Chairman of Taiwan Publishers Association. There are 200 members in TWPA.

According to Chinese traditional culture, Mr. Jim Bryant toasts with Mr. Wu Shulin and Mr. Yang Keqi. It’s a great beginning to setup the high level relationship in Chinese publishing industry.

At this Party, Mr. Jim Bryant also shakes hands with Mr. Liu Bogen, the Vice President of China Publishing Group.

All these honor guests are recommended by Mr. Bob Song. As a famous publishing expert, Mr. Bob Song has good connections in Greater China.


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