Glorious China: The Scientific and Technological Powerhouse Dream

By The Writing Group of Glorious China

Cloth • 328 pp • 210 × 285 mm • English
US$59.95 • C$80.95
ISBN: 9781487811600

Embark on a fascinating journey through the remarkable achievements of China’s scientific and technological advancements over the past 70 years. This comprehensive book features over 300 breathtaking photographs that vividly showcase the incredible transformation of China’s science and technology since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Through captivating images and informative text, readers will discover the major scientific plans that have shaped China’s development, including the groundbreaking “two bombs and one satellite,” the monumental Three Gorges Project, the West-East Power Transmission, and new drug development, as well as innovations in fields such as mathematics, medicine, physics, and astronomy. The book takes readers on a panoramic tour of China’s science and technology development process, highlighting the remarkable contributions of scientific and technological workers who have propelled China’s rise as a global superpower. The book also celebrates the pivotal role of science and technology in China’s economic growth and improving people’s lives.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in the remarkable strides that China has made in science and technology over the past 70 years. From humble beginnings to a global superpower, this book is a testament to China’s extraordinary achievements and its bright future as a leader in science and technology.

About the Author
The writing group of Glorious China, with academician Liu Jiaqi serving as the science consultant, consists of more than ten experts and scholars in their respective fields, and popular science writers and editors, who jointly form the writing committee and the editorial committee.