Echoes across the Sea: Fujian, Persia, and the Arab World

Series: Illustrated Fujian and the Maritime Silk Road

By Ding Yuling & Lin Han
Edited by Xie Bizhen

Cloth • 236 pp • 170 × 210 mm • English
US$59.95 • C$80.95
ISBN: 9781487811242

Discover the fascinating history of Fujian’s maritime connections with Persia and Arabia in Echoes across the Sea. This book, part of the “Illustrated Fujian and the Maritime Silk Road” series, features a stunning collection of images showcasing the cultural, commercial, and human exchanges between Fujian and the Middle East of several centuries.

Through preserved artifacts, such as inscriptions, carvings, and mosques, we gain a glimpse into the complex web of trade, diplomacy, and cultural fusion that defined Fujian’s relationship with Persia and Arabia. As one of the most important regions of the Maritime Silk Road, Fujian’s role in shaping the history of international commerce and cultural exchange is undeniable.

Join us on a journey across the sea as we explore the enduring legacy of Fujian’s connections with Persia and Arabia and discover the rich history of the Maritime Silk Road.

About the Authors
Ding Yuling is an anthropologist and the director of the Quanzhou Maritime Museum in China’s Fujian Province. She is also the executive vice president of the Chinese Society for the Study of Overseas Chinese and Maritime History.

Lin Han is a historian and curator at the Quanzhou Maritime Museum. His research interests include maritime and ship history. Both authors have participated in multiple research projects and have published academic papers and books in their respective fields.