Miss Fox


Format: Cloth | Pages: 220pp
Size: 145 × 210 mm
Language: English
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0206-6

[box style=”info”]DESCRIPTION[/box]

The main feature of this series is understanding and respect for children. These books rely completely on children’s narrative perspective to express innocence, simplicity, and interest with natural fluency and humor. The series is educational, entertaining, and literary, as well as short, pithy, lively, and interesting. Thematic reading can subtly raise children’s interest in literature, and cultivates their knowledge and self-confidence during this critical period. Children can engage in independent reading intermittently, and can also be read to by their parents. This multifunctional mode significantly raises children’s reading capability, and also promotes the parent-child relationship.

[box style=”info”]ABOUT THE AUTHOR[/box]

Miss Fox, editor of Chun Feng Literature and Art Publishing House’s Seven-color Fox Book Club, has edited more than 70 Seven-color Fox books. Among the honors she has won are The National Bestseller, the Bing Xin Literature, and the Lu Xun Literature awards. The Seven-color Fox Book Club she manages, has 100,000 fans. She was an elementary school teacher for more than four years, which was an unforgettable and wonderful experience for her. Tailored for lower elementary school students, Doudou, First Grade and Duoduo, First Grade, were chosen by the General Administration of Press and Publication as key recommended books for the National Farmers’ Bookstores and by the schools in many cities for extracurricular compulsory reading material for elementary school students. Doudou, First Grade has won the National Bestseller Award. Miss Fox loves children and books, and she loves writing and editing books for children even more.