Appreciating Chinese Classics in Paper Cuttings

Edited by Yuan Xiaocha

Cloth • 228 pp • 191 × 235 mm • English
US$96.95 • C$130.95
ISBN: 9781487807870

A perfect combination of Chinese classics and paper cuttings. Six intangible cultural heritage paper cutting masters spent 433 days applying the paper cutting skills that have been passed down over 3,000 years, creatively blending their work with the memories of Tang, Song, and Yuan verse, offering insights on their expressions of Asian beauty. In this book, six masters are invited to collaborate on creative works in the tradition of six national intangible cultural heritage forms that are on the verge of extinction, including Gaomi paper cutting, Yuxian paper cutting, Horinger paper cutting, Fuyang paper cutting, Guangling paper cutting, and Fangzheng paper cutting. The art of paper cutting is used to create artistic conceptions of Tang, Song, and Yuan verse, offering new insights into those poetic traditions.

About the Author
Yuan Xiaocha, born in the 1990s, holds a master’s degree from Renmin University of China. She has edited the Belt and Road Painting Dunhuang series and translated 13 books.

About the National Intangible Heritage Paper Cutting Masters
Ni Xiumei has inherited the Fangzheng paper cutting style from Heilongjiang.

Zhang Duotang has inherited the Guangling paper cutting style from Shanxi, the fourth generation heir of the family that founded the form.

Cheng Xinghong has inherited the paper cutting style of Fuyang, Anhui.

Fan Zuoxin has inherited the simple, exaggerated Gaomi paper cutting style from Shandong.

Zhou Shuying has inherited the unique dotted paper cutting style of Yuxian County in Hebei.

Duan Jianjun is an inheritor of the Inner Mongolian Horinger paper cutting form.