Ancient State of Heluo: The Origin of Chinese Civilization

By Qi Anqing

Cloth • 312 pp • 156 × 234 mm • English
US$35.95 • C$48.95
ISBN: 9781487811976

Chinese civilization, over five thousand years old, has significantly shaped East Asia’s cultural landscape and continues to influence modern Chinese society. This book delves into one of China’s major archaeological finds in 2020—the Shuanghuaishu site. Located in Henan Province, where the Yi and Luo Rivers converge into the Yellow River, this 5,300-year-old site is believed to be an ancient state’s central settlement. It offers insights into the early urban life, architecture, tombs, ancient crafts, and the study of the Big Dipper and other stars during the Yangshao period. Experts suggest naming it “Ancient State of Heluo.”

About the Author
Qi Anqing is a scholar and writer. His works include Father’s Chronicle (fiction), Dancing Shaolin in the Wind (dance drama), Found in Zhengzhou (documentary), and Migration (documentary).