Across the Sea: Fujian and Southeast Asia

Series: Illustrated Fujian and the Maritime Silk Road

By Nie Dening & Zhang Yuan
Edited by Xie Bizhen

Cloth • 224 pp • 170 × 210 mm • English
US$65.95 • C$88.95
ISBN: 9781487808860

Southeast Asia is the primary overseas settlement of Fujianese Chinese. The Chinese ancestors from Fujian who made their perilous way to Southeast Asia in ancient times made great contributions to its development. The book describes the historical maritime exchanges between Fujian and Southeast Asia, including politics, economy, culture, personnel exchanges, religious beliefs, and more.

About the Authors
Mr. Nie Dening, Doctor of History, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of International Relations/Nanyang Research Institute of Xiamen University, researcher of the Southeast Asian Studies Center of Xiamen University, a key research base of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education; vice president of China Overseas Transportation History Research Association. He has long been engaged in the research of the history of relations between China and Southeast Asia, and of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Zhang Yuan, doctoral candidate at the Nanyang Research Institute of Xiamen University and visiting scholar at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (2017). His research mainly covers the history of overseas Chinese, of Sino-foreign relations, and of Taiwan. He has published several papers and articles, and is currently involved in the following projects: the major project of the National Social Science Fund and major projects of the Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Xie Bizhen, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Fujian Normal University, Director of the Fujian-Taiwan Regional Research Center of Fujian Normal University, a key research base of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. His main research focuses on Chinese overseas transportation and trade history, the history of Sino-Japanese relations, and the local history of Fujian.