A Visual Journey into Yunnan: Lost Horizon Rediscovered

By Institute for Planets

Cloth • 262 pp • 123 × 180 mm •
English • Art

US$45.95 • C$62.95
ISBN: 9781487811556

Step into the heart of China with A Visual Journey into Yunnan: Lost Horizon Rediscovered, the premier volume in an awe-inspiring series from the Institute for Planets. Venture into Yunnan’s mesmerizing beauty and diversity through the lens of 177 high-definition photographs intricately detailed across the book’s innovative design of folding and pull-out pages.

This extraordinary book doubles as your guide, leading you through Yunnan’s stunning landscapes with nine instructive visual maps, each revealing the region’s rich cultural heritage. With each page turn, you’ll see and hear Yunnan’s echoes. Experience the tranquil sounds of Yunling encapsulated in ten immersive white noise sections, skillfully integrated to bring the enchanting symphony of this land to life.

A Visual Journey into Yunnan: Lost Horizon Rediscovered is more than just a book—it’s an interactive experience that invites you to delve into the breathtaking world of Yunnan. In this place, natural splendor meets vibrant traditions. Let this remarkable journey be your gateway to a land teeming with wonder and beauty like you’ve never experienced before.

About the Author
Institute for Planets has been dedicated to popularizing geographical and cultural knowledge since its inception in 2016. From the geography perspective, it wishes to explore the planets, rediscover the world and understand humanity. In 2018, Institute for Planets was nominated by the People’s Daily and China Association for Science and Technology as one of China’s Top Ten Science Popularization Self-Media. In 2019 and 2021, it published its multi-award-winning and best-selling books Hi I’m China and Hi I’m China II.

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