A Taste of Nanjing: Flavorful Flashbacks to a Nanjinger’s Old Days in China

By Yu Bin

Cloth • 246 pp • 152 × 229 mm • English
US$52.95 • C$70.95
ISBN: 9781487808976

A Taste of Nanjing is a collection of short essays depicting signature Chinese dishes, shining a spotlight on the author’s enjoyment of local food in his youth and childhood.

Characterized by witty observations and personal research on the origin and spread of various delicacies, A Taste of Nanjing offers the sort of rigorous analysis and unique humor that are typical of a Chinese intellectual. The enthusiasm for life and Chinese philosophy that is inherent in both the nature of food (warming or cooling) and the purpose of eating (for nutrition or pleasure) shines through in Yu’s casual and highly readable narrative style. From main dishes such as pig trotters, eels, and crabs, to snacks like honey mito, grease balls, and bursting parched rice, he brings Nanjing cuisine to life with a healthy dose of Chinese wisdom.

About the Author
Yu bin was born and grew up in Nanjing, China. He is a professor at Nanjing University’s School of Liberal Arts, and an expert on comparative literature and world literature. He is also a prolific writer, authoring celebrity biographies such as Eileen Chang: A Biography and Zhou Zuoren: A Life, as well as a collection of essays about his teenage years in China during the 1960s and 1970s (Ti Qian Huai Jiu, Jiu Shi Gou Dang, and A Taste of Nanjing).