A Study of Modern Confucian Philosophy

A Study of Modern Confucian Philosophy

By Chen Lai

Cloth • 416 pages • 178 × 254 mm • English
Jun 2024 • US$59.95 • CA$80.95
ISBN: 9781487812027

About the Book

This insightful book brings together a series of research articles on Neo-Confucianism by the renowned scholar of Chinese philosophy, Mr. Chen Lai. From the perspective of contemporary Chinese culture and the integration of Chinese and Western philosophy, the author provides a thought-provoking exploration of topics such as “cultural perspectives,” “mind-body theory,” “metaphysics,” and more.

With detailed analysis and extensive references to relevant literature, the book discusses the innovative works of representative Neo-Confucian scholars in 20th-century Chinese philosophy, including Xiong Shili, Ma Yifu, Liang Shuming, and Feng Youlan. Through these discussions, the author illuminates the experiences, gains, and losses of modern Chinese philosophers in their efforts to develop a philosophy with distinctive Chinese characteristics in the face of Western cultural influence. Offering their own understanding and improvement suggestions for the theoretical inventions of scholars such as Feng Youlan and Xiong Shili, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the philosophy of Neo-Confucianism and its relevance to contemporary Chinese culture.

About the Author

Chen Lai is a Professor and Supervisor of Ph.D. students at the Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University and Dean of the Academy of Chinese Learning [Guoxue] at Tsinghua University. Known as one of the masters in philosophy in China, Chen has made important contributions to research in Confucian philosophy, especially Song-Ming Ru (Confucian) thought. Chen is an honorary professor at eleven universities and is a member of the editorial boards of sixteen academic journals.