The 100th Anniversary of China’s Water Conservancy Collection: 100 Greatest Projects

Edited by Wu Zhongru, Tang Hongwu, Xu Hui, and Zhang Bing

Cloth • 276 pp • 178 × 254 mm • English
US$29.95 • C$39.95
ISBN: 9781487810993

The 100th Anniversary of China’s Water Conservancy Collection (Volume II): 100 Greatest Projects selects one hundred typical water projects in China, making an introduction to the project development, construction, management, and social economic benefit so that readers can have a comprehensive understanding of the arduous development process and the brilliant achievements of China’s water projects in the past hundred years. The book considers the uniqueness of different water projects, covering water conservancy hub projects, water diversion projects, flood diversion projects, large irrigation areas, dam projects, and port projects. It also introduces a group of feature projects, such as the Jinping I Project, the Three Gorges Project, Longtan Project, among a series of world top-class power station dam projects. The magnificent dams stand one after another in the prosperous world. These grand water conservancy projects have fully used the comprehensive benefits of flood control, irrigation, power generation, shipping, and tourism. They are important instruments of the country, like the bright pearls scattered across China’s great rivers. They represent the country’s strength and the people’s wisdom and highlight the Chinese spirit and confidence.

About the Authors
Wu Zhongru, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and hydraulic structure expert, engaged in hydraulic structure and safety monitoring and other research work for a long time.

Tang Hongwu, Academician, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been engaged in talent training, scientific research, and engineering practice in hydraulics and river dynamics for a long time.

Xu Hui, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, has been teaching and researching agricultural soil and water engineering, water conservancy, and hydropower engineering for a long time.

Zhang Bin, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor. He has been engaged in researching agricultural economy, finance, and regional economy.