The Maritime Silk Road between China and France: Impulsions, intermediaries and industrial influences of the long distance trade in the globalization of 19th century

Zhao Chao & Lin Mao


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ISBN: 978-1-987821-72-7


This book focuses on the silk trade between China and France in the 19th century, with the aim of clarifying certain specific Euro-Asian trade in the course of globalization in the 19th century. We chose the Franco-Chinese silk trade as the objective of research, because, first, the use of historical records and documents, we find that the Franco-Chinese trade in the 19th century and grew up mainly from the augmentation of the import of Chinese silk in France. The exchange of the silk is one of the most important and the most typical trade between the two countries in the 19th century. Secondly, the exchange of the Franco-Chinese silk plays a very important role in the trade in raw materials of the world in the 19th century.

Precisely, this book is intended to address the issues and further discuss on the Franco-Chinese silk trade itself and the Eurasian business long distance, specifically on their evolutions, their impulses, their commercial intermediation and their industrial impacts.


Zhao Chao, graduated from the Department of History of East China Normal University in Shanghai, went to after French Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales History Research Centre for the PhD degree in 2011. Finished his study in France, he came back to China to continue the research on the international commerce history. He is visiting scholar of the Social development Department of East China Normal University since 2018.

Lin mao, PhD of Sociology, graduated from the French Ecole Normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay in 2017. PhD of Sociology, graduated from the Department of Social Development of East China Normal University in Shanghai in 2017. Lecturer of East China Normal University in China from 2018; Visiting scholar of Institut des Sciences sociales du Politique in France. Interest Research Areas: Sociological Theory and Social Policy; Urban China Studies.