Stories from the Front Line in the COVID-19 War (Hindi Edition)

Xue Lisheng and Wang Youcai
Hindi Translation: Biju Negi

Format: Paperback | Pages: 204pp
Size: 147 × 210 mm
Language: Hindi
Price: $15.95 • ₹1199
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0945-4


Facing the epidemic of COVID-19, countless medical workers around the country volunteered to venture to Hubei to help save lives with their professional expertise. Because of identical protective suits and masks covering their faces, they can’t be distinguished from each other without names written on protective gear. Qiu Fazu, considered the father of modern Chinese surgery, once said: “Becoming a doctor requires the skill of a fairy and the morality of Buddha, and without these a practitioner would only mislead others.” At the epicenter of the outbreak, China’s elite medical workers are standing firm like warriors on the front lines, but they are also husbands, wives, sisters and brothers. When the masks finally come off after the epidemic, perhaps little has been known about the monumental efforts they made in the battle.

We collected images and videos shot by medical staff on the front lines of the epidemic in nearly 100 hospitals across the nation to capture moving moments during medical workers’ efforts to combat the disease. Based on first-hand images and videos, we compiled a book to shine light on the heroic deeds of medical workers in the time of crisis as well as to illustrate how they endured hardship and adversity to save countless lives. The book aims to show an accurate, multi-faceted picture of the fight against the epidemic.


Xue Lisheng, vice editor-in-chief and senior journalist of China Internet Information Center ( In recent years, he has led and participated in dozens of major internet-based international communication projects including China Mosaic, and published academic works such as Developmental Predicament of Mobile Newspapers from the Perspective of Communications, New Media Characteristics of Microblogging and The Bright Future of “One Country, Two Systems.” Many of his news projects and works have won prizes such as China News Awards and NPC Excellent News Awards.