My Story about Doing Business in China (Hindi Edition)

Compiled by China Media Group
Hindi Translation: Kumari Rohini

Format: Paperback | Pages: 220pp
Size: 147 × 210 mm
Language: Hindi
Price: $15.95 • ₹1199
ISBN: 978-1-4878-0786-3


Due to globalization, Chinese economy is deeply interwoven with the world’s, which attracts foreigners to start companies and do business here. This volume tells stories about how some of them start career in this land, during which many interesting things happen, along with their gain and loss, bitterness and happiness. Through their eyes, readers may have an external view and catch a glimpse of Chinese business.


“Foreigner in China” Series takes material from the feature program “Foreigners in China” of CCTV 4. This program was firstly aired in February 25, 2013, and it’s the first documentary program focused on how foreigners learn, work and live in China. The book series reflects not only Chinese traditional culture and inclusively open atmosphere, but also exhibits the development and tremendous changes taken place in contemporary China. The main characters and their stories in these books have been acting as a bridge of cultural exchange between China and other countries.